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The S5 Inserter™
was developed by Dr. Fayiz Mahgoub to eliminate the challenges that his patients experienced with inserting their scleral and hybrid lenses. Its features include:


Unmatched Support:
  • Comes with unlimited access to 1 on 1 coaching with Dr. Mahgoub. Available 7 days a week via phone, text, email and video chat/FaceTime.
  • Includes a detailed user manual with instructions and tips to help make your lens insertion experience as safe and efficient as possible.
  • Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers parts, labor and shipping within the United States.
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind as you learn to insert your lenses.


Hands-free lens stabilization:
  • Gives the user two free hands to hold their eyelids open which helps counter the human blink reflex.
  • Helps reduce spilling of the contact lens insertion solution which decreases the chance of air bubbles getting trapped under the lens.


LED light source:
  • Enables the user to more easily align their eye with the center of the lens during insertion.


Adjustable height:
  • Allows the user to position the lens at the most comfortable height for insertion.
  • The height from the base of the device to the top of the lens holder can be adjusted from 10.5 inches (27 cm) to 2 ft 6 inches (76 cm).
  • Optimized for lens insertion while standing.

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10 reviews for S5 Inserter™

  1. Amazon Customer

    S5 Inserter

    I purchased the S5 Mini Insertion to help with putting in my contacts. As I stand to insert my lens, I use a lighted device. When I got the S5, I found it a bit too low and with a yellow/orange light. I contacted Augmented Vision Labs to ask if they had a green light because their light was too bright, and if they had an extension to the Mini device. Fayiz Mahgoub immediately replied they could accommodated me.

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  2. Adriana Kaufer

    Great product. Highly recommend

    First of all, I want to thank Dr. Mahgoub for creating an innovative tool to help those that sufffer from dry eye and other eye problems. After struggling with severe dry eyes for the last two years, I finally decided to get scleral lenses. At the beginning, learning to put them on my eyes was really challenging and frustrating; I felt hopeless thinking that I would never figure out how to do it, until a friend recommended the DMV 5 device. This device has been a lifesaver and has made my days much easier when it comes to the scleral insertion process.Dr Mahgoub not only brilliant for creating this device, but he is also kind caring and he will follow up with you once you purchase and he will make sure this device helps you and provide any needed support. I highly recommend this product.

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  3. bart


    This product really works.A little hesitant in spending the money but it is really worth it.Additionally I need additional clear bags and the coMpany went out of their way to get them to me.

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  4. Jeffrey L. Jaggers

    Adaptable and Great Customer Service

    As a person who travels quite often, I especially like the adaptability of the extender for the S5 Inserter. Not all counters are the same height, so the extender makes it easy to adapt to the counter or the space. Recently, while I was traveling, the lamp went out on the inserter. I emailed the manufacturer, and was sent a replacement piece very quickly. I am more than satisfied with my S5 Inserter and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs assistance with putting in their scleral lenses!

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  5. Kindle Customer


    This changed my life I gave the mini version as well. It’s so hard to put Schleral lenses in. Using this literally I do it in one shot. I have wore my lenses every day now. Please please try this if you wear schlerals. The light even helps you line up so it’s perfect freeing up two hands to open both eyelids.

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  6. Giovanna C.

    A MUST!

    My daughter and son were both diagnosed with keratoconus at the age of 10 and 14. In 2012 they underwent a corneal transplant. Since 2019 they have been blessed in wearing rigid corneal contact lenses that improve their vision by 75%. However, I was the one who had to put the contact lenses on for them. By sheer luck my daughter was browsing the net and found this marvelous product. At first, both were reluctant in trying it out. All I have to say is that this product is a God sent. It’s a wonderful tool and has given my children a total sense of confidence and independence. They no longer have to rely on me to put on their contact lenses. A special shout out to Doctor Fayiz Mahgoub, who invented this tool and for a great after sales service. He was so very understanding and helpful. In my opinion, although a little pricey, this tool is worth EVERY single penny.

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  7. Lawrence Greenberg

    It work Great. Worth every penny.

    It make inserting the lens fast and easy

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  8. Mishelle

    Scleral lens life changer

    Getting scleral lenses is great and terrible at the same time. Great because you will no longer have to suffer the constant discomfort and health issues related to constant dry eyes from Sjogrens or whatever other causes from which one suffers. Terrible because learning to get the lenses into your eye properly is a very frustrating learning adventure. This apparatus has been a life changer for me. Instead of 30 minutes of cursing and dry eyed crying from exasperation, it now takes me 5 minutes. An added bonus is I get them in correctly without losing all of the fluid in the lenses running out. Plus no bubbles under the lens.. I cannot recommend this item enough. I even took it to my ophthalmologist so he can know what to recommend for future patients. So grateful.

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  9. Sarah

    This product is a must for glass contact wearers

    Works perfect for glass contacts. My husband no longer struggles putting them on each morning.

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  10. Jamie Anne

    Scleral Lens insertion made easy

    My son has Asperger’s and things get very frustrating for him, getting these sclera contacts in for the regular person is challenging having Asperger’s and shaky hands on top of that makes it a NIGHTMARE. I am so thankful for this device it is worth EVERY penny. Tommy has Keratoconus and cannot really see to insert these contacts so the light feature on it helps him focus. I would highly recommend this product

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